Dad Getting Back in Shape Before Daughter’s Wedding Day

I used to work outside, and then I got a job inside. I gained a lot of weight sitting at a desk but eating the same as when I worked outdoors. Over the same amount of time that it took for me to pack on the fat, I actually lost a lot of muscle. I used to be really strong without working out with weights, and I could run too. Not like a pro athlete, but I could hold my own jogging a few miles three times a week. Now I needed a strength and conditioning coach just to get back to where I was at.

As I lost muscle, I felt like the fat was coming on even faster. I figured it was because muscle burns more calories even at rest, and the more I lost the less calories I could burn in a day being sedentary. I started with a program designed for me by a professional strength and conditioning coach who trains and rehabilitates professional football players. I was being serious about making gains with muscle and losing the fat. I did not have age on my side like I did a decade or so ago when I dropped 40 pounds of fat and gained about 15 pounds of muscle. Now I needed to drop about 75 pounds of fat and gain back 25 pounds of muscle to get back to where I was at. My doctor doubted that I could do that naturally at my age.

This is why I sought the help of a professional strength and conditioning coach to help me. I wanted to get my body back into shape before our daughter got married. I had a little over a year to accomplish it, and there was no time like the present to get started. I actually made tremendous progress toward my goals in a much shorter time frame than I expected. My wife and daughter are very proud of me reaching my goal with time to spare before the big day.

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